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Secure authentication is a rapidly growing need, fueled by password breaches, device & cloud proliferation and increasingly mobile ways to communicate and transact.


Authernative addresses the notorious lack of security inherent in user passwords and credentials’ storage, and overcomes substantial limitations of biometrics, hardware and software one-time token based solutions.

AuthGuard® is a full-fledged authentication platform offering a progressive range of unique knowledge-based, multi-factor, multi-channel and mutual authentication solutions that scale in the level of security from an enhanced password to an unbreakable and theft-proof credential. 


Built on patented architectures, protocols and algorithms, AuthGuard® addresses and overcomes both front-end and back-end security threats and provides the ultimate strength in authentication and credential security.


AuthGuard® is easy to use and provides for a consistent user experience across platforms and devices (i.e. mobile, PC, tablet, IPTV, POS, consoles, smartwatch, smartcar, etc.) and is implementable at a local device, network or SaaS level.


AuthGuard® offers low TCO, easiest deployment and most scalable level of security available today.

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